How to Give a Perfect Gift to Someone

How to Give a Perfect Gift to Someone


Here are a few tips and steps for you to select the perfect gift for the occasion! If you don't know what to give someone this guide is for you!

10 rules of perfect gift giving:



how to give perfect gift1. Don't just give cash. Giving money essentially conveys the message, "I couldn't be bothered to think too much about you, so here you go, that is what you're worth to me."


How to Give a Perfect Gift to Someone

2. The monetary value of the present is unimportant. Considered one of my associates once gave me her recipe for certainly one of my favorite dishes, writing it out in calligraphy on parchment paper, in conjunction with an present to cook it with me. Whole fiscal value about zero, and yet one of the charming and considerate gifts that I've ever bought.

stalk for gift3. It's not the gift, but the thought that counts, so think about your gift carefully. If you want to give perfect gifts to someone, you must know them very well. Map their interests, find out all about their hobbies, learn about their cravings, and lifelong wishes that were never fulfilled. There is not one person on the world who doesn't enjoy doing something, so don't give up finding this activity.

movie gift4. On the whole, prefer experiences to objects. Experiences such as a Movie theater or concert tickets are generally more memorable than objects. But don't forget that some objects, such as books and DVDs, can also be experiences—so long as they are well chosen.

5. Give something that indicates your appreciation to your love, your loved ones and pals can be very touching. Try making whatever your self. A snapshot montage, a painting, a statue, a poem, or a calendar with photos taken together.

6. Always wrap the gift, even if it is very small or thin and fits in an envelope. In this case, just wrap the envelope. Choose the envelope and the wrapping paper very carefully and give it all a feel of personalized luxury. For example, I use wrapping paper with butterflies for nature lovers, poets, and fellow psychologists and psychiatrists (the butterfly being the symbol of the soul). All this shows that you took a great deal of time and care over the gift, and value the act of giving more than the gift itself.

7. Always include a thoughtful message with the gift, either on a card or in a letter. Don't just buy one of those cards with a generic message, but compose the message yourself, ideally in some attractive ink. Use your message to deliver to intellect shared moments or strong ties, or possibly just to explain your gift or say thanks.The message should be presented and read before opening the gift.

8. Give something that you yourself can share in, like theater tickets or a holiday. Take them to a place you find breathtaking and spend a few days together so both (or all) of you can relax. This shows that you want to spend more time with the person, and also provides you with the perfect excuse to treat yourself.

9. Buy things a few weeks or month before the occasion, make notes for yourself not to forget buying the items you want. If you buy your gift online, this tip can prevent you from any late delivery or delay issue. Timing is key.

10. If the gift can come as a surprise, then all the better. If not, you can still make it a bit of a surprise by double wrapping it or, better still, giving two gifts, the first being a sort of decoy.

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

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