Why Girls Love Chokers? Because The Trend Is Still Alive & Well!

Why Girls Love Chokers? Because The Trend Is Still Alive & Well!

When you start scrolling through Instagram and spotting the same throwback trend over and over, it might be time to admit it's gone mainstream. Call it the Gigi and Kendall effect, but, like most '90s pieces, chokers are, once again, having their moment in the spotlight. Instagram darlings and indie brands alike have been pairing them with every look, from swimwear to formal attire.

It's a trend that's been creeping back thanks to an overall '90s resurgence. The choker, of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety, has been seen on the necks of models-off-duty, everyday cool girls and, of course, North West as of late. See who's setting the trend and shop the necklaces.

love girls choker
1. So 90's
Vanessa Paradis wore the necklace well the first  time—with her  heart on a velvet string
next generation choker
2. The Next Generation
Paradis' teenage daughter Lily-Rose Depp picks up where her mom left off in a multi-wrapped version last year.

opal choker
3. Boho Opal Choker
Leather choker with natural opal stone will always be your versatile go-to!
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rihanna choker
4. Mixed Up
Rihanna Wears her choker with chains for a clever mix of metal and fabric.
simple choker
5. Stay Simple
Trendy leather choker with small bead. Easy to complete any outfit.
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 little girls choker
6. The Littlest Fan
North West has been seen in custom Fallon necklaces on more than one occasion, including post-ballet.
Sparkles choker
7. It Sparkles
Daphne Groeneveld is a more mature Fallon fan, who has donned the current season leather and rhinestone choker.
90's ribbon choker
8. Shop It!
One of the most inspired new takes on the '90s staple.
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gigi hadid choker
9. The DIY
Gigi Hadid simply ties a suede string around her neck to get the choker effect.
night choker
10. After Dark
Cara Delevingne takes a classic approach in an LBD and necklace that catches the light.
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