Venice - Rainbow Bamboo Sunglasses with Brown Tea Polarized Lens

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bamboo sunglasses

Can you think of another material that can be used to make sunglasses? while at the same time being about as eco-friendly as it gets...well that’s bamboo...a true champion among plants.

Check out our latest bamboo sunglasses collection. Perfect gift for someone who love the nature.  Each pair is individually handcrafted from the highest quality bamboo with polarized, UV-protecting lenses. .

bamboo polarized shade

These wood frame glasses are made from lightweight bamboo grain that floats in water, preventing you from losing your favorite shades.

Included with the purchase are a genuine bamboo case for extra protection, a microfiber pouch that is gentle on the glasses, and a microfiber cleaning cloth that will not scratch the lenses. These sunglasses come with everything you need to keep them in perfect condition.

cool bamboo sunglasses

These lightweight sunglasses are stylish, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

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